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Blue Port Logistics can offer a number of blending/repacking options we can dilute, blend, repack and store your products in a safe and professional environment. We are equally adept at both liquids and powders servicing variety of industires from across the world. Our flexible working policy can be customer specific allowing us to develop your channel to market just as you designed it.


With manufacturing and application market knowledge for over a decade, Blue Port can reliably prepare solutions and mixtures for you by blending. These can be your own recipes or we can help you to develop your own specifications which we can blend for you. Confidentiality is guaranteed. We can blend your products within a safe, controlled environment and deliver them safely and securely. Our blending services include: blends at elevated temperatures; high viscosity blending; power blending; pre and post treatment of blends.


Blue Port’s drumming and filling facility handles ISO tanks on a daily basis. We can transfer your product from bulk to IBCs and drums. The volumes of these bundles can vary from 1 litre cans up to 1,000 litre IBCs, and we handle full container loads (FCL) as well as less-than-container loads (LCL).Our weighbridge and laboratory confirms accuracy that the precise quantity and quality of product is received and our electronic documentation transmission process ensures administration systems are always up to date.


Blue Port ’s repacking facility offers a wide range of services: the repacking of liquid, powder, gel or paste. We can also repack products that are solid or semi-solid at ambient temperature. The facility can pump bulk-to-bulk and bundle-to-bulk. In addition we supply contract labelling and packaging.
Our automated labeler and inkjet coder can easily accommodate high-volume business. The packaged product can be palletized and heated..

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