Blending and Packaging

Tea Blending & Packaging

Blending and packaging of tea is done as per buyer specifications here with the aid of high-end machinery under hygienic conditions. At Blue Port Logistics Limited, we are able to meet a wide range of specifications and adhere to a range of international and local technical production and sourcing standards and accreditations.

Tea Blending, Packaging and Packing - Blue Port Logistics Limited

Sieving & Sorting:

Irregular tea can be then sorted into common grades via mechanical jarring sieves. A good, high-yielding production has the following results / qualities:

  • Leaf (SFTGFOP1, FTGFOP1, TGFOP1, GFOP, FOP) = 6%
  • Small leaf (FP, PEKOE) = 20%
  • Large Broken (FBOP) = 15%
  • Feine Broken (GFBOP, GBOP) = 20%
  • Fannings (BOPF, OF) + Dust (PD);
  • Both grades are for tea bags only = 39%

Explanation of the abbreviations with the use of some examples:

  • S (=Super)
  • F (=Finest)
  • T (=Tippy)
  • G (= Golden)
  • F (= Flowery)
  • P (=Pekoe)
  • B (=Broken)
  • F (=Fannings)

Further quality descriptions, like above, are formed out of these abbreviations. Black tea usually has a dark brown until black leaf and can taste anything from fine-flowery to fully aromatic and strong.

Quality Inspection:

Through approved agencies, Blue Port Logistics Limited provides quality inspection services for tea. Tea is tested on different quality parameters selected as per client requirements. Our quality inspectors and tea tasters conduct necessary quality checks in our in-house facilities.


Blue Port Logistics Limited, provides supporting documentation – contracts, bills of lading, and invoices – for import and export purposes.

Tracking of Consignment:

Tracking is gaining ever more importance in logistics.  Blue Port Logistics Limited offers you a variety of information so that you can keep your customers informed. The excellent tracking of goods that we provide gives you an exact idea of where your consignment is when it will arrive at the destination and other details